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Once Upon A Caper was created as a showpiece for myself as a writer and as a first time self-publisher. Along the way, I liked the idea so much that I realized this could be a whole lot more than a single issue one-shot. The story of Sovena Lovstok / Little Red Cape began forming nearly a decade ago, but it only came to fruition as a filler project inbetween projects with my artist wife. I wanted to make a comic aimed at an "all ages" readership that still had the depth to interest an adult reader. Basically, I wanted to create something I would want to read! I'm biased, naturally, but the pint-sized defender of Earth seemed to leap off the paper and inspire the story herself. I hope you will enjoy spending time with Sovena and discovering her tale as much as I have enjoyed seeing her transition from my imagination into a tangible comic book heroine.

The upcoming series, issues #1-4, will be illustrated by Leanne Hannah

Created and Written by: Rod Hannah
Pencils and Inks: John Amor
Colors: Paul Little
Editing and front cover illustration: Leanne Hannah

Special thanks to Todd Dezago, J.M. Dematteis, Bryan Glass and Christy Marx for their advice and encouragement.

Rod Hannah

Born in the UK and raised in New Zealand, Rod now writes articles for the UK-based animation magazine Cereal:Geek from his home in Maryland, USA. Rod has also written articles for the two-time Harvey Award winning Mice Templar published by Image Comics. He is the co-creator of the Star Wars fan parody webcomic Blue Milk Special with his illustrator wife Leanne Hannah. In between writing projects, including upcoming children’s books, Rod holds down a day job in marketing and design.

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Once Upon a Caper is the Copyright of Rod Hannah 2009-2013.